Helping you with your property needs. Maintaining the value in property.

My first introduction to real estate began whilst working at the front desk of a small agency as a receptionist. 

This initial venture into the property sector was a great opportunity to gain knowledge and greater understanding of the role of an estate agent as well as the operational side of running a business.


From here I was driven to pursue a role in residential Property Management and was fortunate to be given an opportunity to gradually transition into managing a large portfolio independently.

Starting at the front desk of a small agency allowed me to realise early on the direction I wanted to go in my real estate career before I transitioned to working for a larger organisation, which has led to and opened up many opportunities for growth and professional development.   Through this, I recognize how business values translate to business practices, the significance of effective leadership, and how a more intuitive approach can facilitate more open communication.

In seeing the benefits of a more bespoke approach, it became the motivation that prompted my desire to expand further and establish my own agency with the aim of enhancing the client’s experience. At the core and what drives the business is the principle that cohesive collaboration equates to mutually beneficial outcomes for all.


Always keeping informed with current industry knowledge, I combine my empathetic skills with my passion for property, art and interior design to deliver you an array of solutions for all your property management needs.


When not at work, I enjoy spending time with family, hiking through nature, and pursuing my creative passions.

Rachel Lima